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22 December 2020 @ 06:25 pm
Hello! This is a list of everything I've written to date in chronological order. Updated: 12 August 2011

General Disclaimer: I do not own any of the people, places, things, or titles mentioned in these works of fiction (unless otherwise stated). Plot is all me, if any of them seem familiar, I apologize. Do not mean to offend. Do not sue. Thank you.

Panic! At the Disco

The Five Stages of Grief Don't Include Falling in Love [Prologue + 11 Chapters]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie ~past Jon Walker/Brendon Urie|Rated NC-17 for language and a scene of graphic sex
Both Ryan and Brendon have lost two people that were very close to their hearts; Ryan his best friend, Brendon his boyfriend of two years. After meeting at a grief counseling session, the two find out that they're more connected than they thought. Angst & Drama. AU.

From A Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins [24 Chapters]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie ~hints of Hayley Williams/Brendon Urie|Rated R for sex, language
Struggling actor, Brendon Urie gets his big break in a new indie film directed by Jon Walker and starring opposite Hollywood's rising star, Ryan Ross. However, Brendon and Ryan don't exactly get along. Comedy & slight Angst. AU.
Notes: Ahh yes, the story that took TWO YEARS to complete. Part of me will never think it came out as perfect as I expected it to but I gained new readers from it and Brendon is such a dork and so fun to write. Probably the most fun thing I've ever had the pleasure of writing and now it's over. :)
Other fic written in this verse: Something There That Wasn't There Before

Barrytown [WIP]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated R for sex, language and explicit drug use
Brendon Urie is a senior at Middletown Community High School with no real plan except to hang out with his best friend, Spencer, and stay far away from his bratty little sister and overbearing, alcoholic mother. When Spencer introduces Brendon to his older foster brother, Ryan, the attraction is instant. But Brendon soon finds out there are a lot of hurdles to jump if he wants to get what he really wants. Comedy & Drama. AU.

A World Without Love? [2 parts]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated PG-13 for language and sex
Set in a future where the land is split up into different societies, Brendon is born into a world where creativity is outlawed and everyone is the same. He meets Spencer who gives him a ticket to another world where music and talent flow free, a world where he feels he's been destined since the day he was born. Sci-fi. AU.

Imitation of Life [4 Parts]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie ~Patrick Stump/Brendon Urie|Rated R for some scenes of sex
Since he was eight years-old, Ryan Ross spoke about joining the army just like his father did. Army!Fic. AU.

How Ryan and Brendon fixed “Joncer” (Or How It’s Brendon Urie’s Mission to Make Panic the Gayest Band Ever) [4 Parts]
Jon Walker/Spencer Smith|Rated PG-13 for language and a brief scene of sex
Spencer is sad. Jon is angry. These two things never happen, aren't allowed to happen. Therefore, it is up to Ryan and Brendon to fix it. crack!fic.
Notes: LOL I DO NOT KNOW WHERE PART FOUR IS - I seem to have lost it so one day I will rewrite it and post it somewhere. Until then, sorry!

100 Days To Come Full Circle [Standalone]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated PG-13 for innuendo and language
It takes 100 Days for Brendon to finally get over Ryan. Or not.

Well, That Was Easy [Standalone]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie ~Keltie Collen/Ryan Ross|Rated PG-13 for language and a small scene of sex
Keltie knows how close Brendon and Ryan really are and has to make a decision.

I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy [Standalone]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated R for language, disturbing images, and slight necrophilia
The strangest things happen on Halloween night; murder, love, and nightmares. Highschool. AU.

I Want To Wake Up Where You Are [Standalone]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated NC-17 for sex and a scene of blowjob/rimming
"There's nothing else I'd rather do then listen to you sing such ugly songs on the radio," Ryan says with such blatant sarcasm that it hurts. "I could have done better." "You could have done worse," Brendon says with a smile. But Ryan likes to think he could have done better. Angst.
Notes: I wanted angry!sex and so I wrote angry! sex.

No Pain, No Gain [Standalone]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie ~Jon Walker/Spencer Smith|Rated PG-13 for language, boy kissing, innuendo
Spencer drags Ryan to an LA Fitness where he meets Brendon, the hottest personal trainer Ryan's ever laid eyes on. Fluff. AU
Notes: This is my favorite standalone I have ever written.

School Spirit [Standalone]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated PG for language and extreme fluff!
Ryan has no school spirit. Brendon is school spirit. What happens when Brendon convinces Ryan to participate in Homecoming week? High School AU.

I Hold My Breath and Wait for Your Reaction [Standalone]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated PG-13 for language and kisses
Brendon's going to meet Ryan today. For the second time. Angst.

10 Drabbles
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated PG-13
10 Song Drabbles

Everybody Loves Somebody (Sometime) [Drabble]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated PG for innuendo
Hectic tour life, Jon photographs his friends sleeping.

Tiring [Drabble]
Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated PG(PG-13 for explicit references to marijuana)
Just some ficlet I wrote last night. Everyone gets stoned and Ryan and Brendon take a nap. High School AU.

Untitled (Love, Only in My Dreams) [Drabble]
Vague but in my head, Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie|Rated PG for a kiss
An angsty little drabble about dreams and ex-boyfriends.

Cobra Starship/The Academy Is...

Broadway Is Dark Tonight [Standalone]
Gabe Saporta/William Beckett|Rated PG-13 for sex and drug use
See the young man sitting in the old man's bar, waiting for his turn to die. AU.
Notes: first standalone ever! Despite the amount of Ryden I write, Gabilliam is my OTP.

Hanging On the Telephone [Standalone]
Gabe Saporta/William Beckett|Rated R for masturbation
After the tour, William falls into a pattern of sleeping and watching TV alone. Gabe gives him a call and shakes it up a bit. PWP.

Like A Tornado [Standalone]
Gabe Saporta/William Beckett|Rated NC-17 for a blow job
He's like a tornado. That's the perfect comparison. You wait for it, you prepare for it, and it comes in destroying everything in its path in a way you weren't prepared for. And then it's gone. Slight angst.